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Pokemon with ssb battling week 12 demo

2011-12-31 17:54:51 by sjidrummer47

From Aierou:

"12 weeks in, the game is filling out. Most UIs are added. Still waiting on more pokemon animations + stats, will keep in touch.

Current version: HERE

If you play this PLEASE leave feedback, any helps, and will most likely be added to the game.

Pokemon with ssb battling week 12 demo

Pokemon Flash Version

2011-11-12 16:20:52 by sjidrummer47

"Project I've been working on for a while...


Please post feedback, it's very much appreciated."

Looks cool.

Pokemon Flash Version

you should check it out.

Really, you should.

Tom Fulp Dead!

2009-07-29 21:46:59 by sjidrummer47

lol jk :P anyways, check out my new user pic ;D


2009-07-29 18:19:03 by sjidrummer47

newwwwwwwwwww acccooooounnnnnnnnttttttttttt ppppppiiiiiiiiiiiiiicccccccccccccccccc ccccccccccccc


Ng icon maker v2

2009-07-14 21:11:26 by sjidrummer47

I just made an icon! :D

Ng icon maker v2

sol tiempo news thingy

2009-02-26 21:06:45 by sjidrummer47

here :P


2008-11-05 16:28:10 by sjidrummer47

like my music?
Want to use my music in a flash and give me, say, 10% of the earnings?
Anyone have a Merry Christmas?
That's good too.
And you MUST watch this:

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2008-10-14 18:17:50 by sjidrummer47

L33t 15 PhUn! J00 5H0UlD 4lL +YpE lIK3 +hI5! OK? yE4H. +h@T'$ WH@+ 1 +HOu9h+...


2008-10-09 20:51:11 by sjidrummer47

I now have Town Watch =D